What is Halal?
Basically all food items are Halal, except those which are declared Haram as per Sharia, such as pork, animals slaughtered improperly, ethanol and other intoxicants, carnivorous animals, blood, contaminated and hazardous food, etc. The Halal market does not only include Food products and Food services, but also Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal care products, Apparel, Banking and Finances.

Term that encompasses everything that is allowed, and therefore is beneficial and healthy for humans, promoting improved quality of life and reducing health risks. It could be translated as authorized, recommended, healthy, ethical or not abusive. Muslims understand the term Halal, as a lifestyle, a global and comprehensive concept that influences and affects everyday issues, such as food, hygiene, health, economy, fashion, commerce and tourism.
Term that refers to anything that is prohibited, not allowed, it is harmful or abusive. Are considered Haram, according to Islamic rules:
The meat of carrion.

The blood.
Pork and wild boar meat, as well as their derivatives.
Animals slaughtered without invoking the name of God.
Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, harmful or poisonous substances and toxic plants or drinks.Ingredients from Haram animals or products, such as pork gelatin. Additives, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, etc., produced from Haram ingredients.
Carnivorous and scavengers animals and birds with claws.
Access to over 57 fastest-growing countries and more than 1.6 billion potential consumers worldwide (44 M in Europe).
A market valued at more than $3 trillion (all sectors included).
Able to enter countries with obligatory Halal requirements.
A recognized and reputed brand among Muslim population around the world.
It has all international accreditations of Muslim majority countries.
Generates consumer confidence and gains its loyalty.
An easy way to differentiate yourself from the competence being Muslim Friendly.
Adds value to your product. Guarantee of Quality, Safety & Sustainability.
Obligatory for Muslims. Preferred by non-Muslims.
Would you like to take benefit of the possibilities presented via the Halal marketplace?
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About Us
We are a Halal Certification Body in Ukraine that is accredited & organized for food certification in accordance with the "Halal" standards.

Our team has qualified professionals including Halal technical auditors, Sharia experts, experienced in Halal audit & certification work.
Regulation of the Halal market, in order to facilitate the Muslim community and the general population the access to halal food, products and services.
Increasing of quality and competitive ability of Ukrainian manufactures and supply services according to Halal standard
Developing business and initiatives aimed to promoting the Halal Industry in and out of Ukraine.
Creating conditions for export of Halal products of domestic producers on the Arabic and Muslim countries market.
Standardization of the Halal Market, through the development and preparation of regulatory mechanisms drawn up taking into account the views of all concerned groups and associations, such as consumers, producers and retailers.
Certification, control and supervision, of industries, companies and collectives who wish to offer their products and services to Muslim consumers, or other groups of consumers, who due to a similar code of ethics are interested in these kinds of services and products.
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